Wiper & True

Bristol brewer Wiper & True is aiming to be net zero by 2030.

Our story

by Bristol One City

Bristol is home to approximately 20,000 businesses and organisations, or whom ~1000 are part of the Bristol Green Capital Partnership and many have taken steps to reduce emissions or to become more sustainable. Most are however hesitant to share the story of what they are doing, either because they think it is not enough, or they are concerned about greenwashing. Reducing emissions to Net Zero is difficult and the ambition of this initiative was to demonstrate what businesses are doing, and can do, even if they don't have the entire plan as to how they will get to Net Zero. The core message being plan for what you can achieve, deliver those changes that reduce emissions - and then plan your next steps. By telling these stories we hope to inspire more businesses to take the first, or next steps and to raise their ambition - to be net zero by 2030 support the city's ask and ambition.

This story is focused on Bristol brewers Wiper and True who have reduced their scope #3 emissions by engaging their suppliers of malted barley. As they move to new premises they are negotiating with their landlords regarding installing solar PV - not a simple task, and they are investing in renting the most efficient boilers they can (brewing requires a lot of heat) while they look for a better low carbon technical solution. They still face challenges e.g. ref the transportation of their beers nationally (in cans), but they are working to find solutions. Finally they have recently started convening a group of 12+ Bristol brewers to share what each of them is doing, and the challenges they are facing, to reach Net Zero.

Our advice

This project tells the story of what Bristol businesses are actually doing to reduce emissions. Due to last minute decision making and time constraints we started with businesses we knew through personal connections. A more robust piece of business outreach, engagement would have given us a wider range of stories to choose from that would better match the diversity of the city.

Our metrics

Number of businesses signing up to support Bristol's goal of net zero by 2030.
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