Warm Homes, Healthy People

Does your health mean that you are vulnerable to cold weather? Warm Homes Healthy People is here to help you.

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Our story

by Stockton Borough Council

This fantastic project has been ongoing since 2012, it is funded by public health (Stockton Borough Council), and it is a package of health and support, giving energy advice, energy saving advice, income maximisation, and practical support for heating breakdown as well as access to emergency heating 24/7 by Cleveland Fire Brigade.

The project runs from October to March each year and last season helped unlock approx. £400,000 in benefit entitlement for the residents taking part. Benefits typically under-claimed include: attendance allowance and pension credits. Cold temperatures can have a serious impact on your health and are linked to a number of health conditions including respiratory disease, strokes, falls and flu. Keeping warm and healthy during the cold weather can help keep illness away. The initiative is targeted at 75+ years old, people living with a disability, people with long-term health considerations made worse by the cold, people with dementia and families with children under 5 who have a long-term health condition made worse by the cold.

Our advice

The project is based on the NIHCE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) guidelines, regarding the promotion of health and health inequalities. The project is based on NIHCE guidance on winter resilience to cold weather.

Our metrics

Number of people using the service alongside the income maximisation tool used by SBC's delivery partner (Citizens' Advice) to secure unclaimed benefit entitlements.
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