Providing sustainable travel grants for businesses in Herefordshire.

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All Seasons Mover received an e-bike through a TravelFund grant scheme.

Our story

by Herefordshire Council

Travel for Work network aims to support employees by providing funding for workplace facilities. Travel for Work offers local travel advice, info and promotions at their workplace to inspire and enable employees to use the new facilities.

It's a free service for local employers, and we've gone from zero businesses in 2011 to 215 businesses covering over 11,000 employees today. The TravelFund grants aim to meet the businesses needs - we are not prescriptive, except when it comes making sure that the equipment and facilities are of a suitable standard and spec.

We have run many events at local businesses, and always love the buzz that is generated, and the conversations that are had. It's a bit more remote at the moment, but the grants are always highly sought after, and we still run online promotions for employees.

RRA Architects received funding for video-conferencing equipment (before lockdown) and saved 5545 car miles over 6 months, and 44,872 person hours in travelling.

We provided an enhanced level of support for businesses on our Enterprise Zone, targeting resources where we would get the highest level of return.

We also take advantage of other funding opportunities for sustainable travel grants, e.g. grants specifically for business e-bikes, and we tie these in with the Travel for Work network, to maximise the return on investment.

Our advice

Before starting, we contacted other organisations offering similar schemes. Cambridge Travel for Work were very helpful, and formed the basis of our scheme. We started from scratch setting up a business network, and worked with the Chamber of Commerce to invite businesses to join.

We followed up with a targeted approach, identifying potential major businesses, or others who may be interested. These initial businesses have a very personalised service, with site visits and assessments to help them decide on what facilities to apply for. Some early lessons included making sure that we didn't awards grants where the facilities were a condition of planning permission.

Our metrics

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