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Our story

by Transition To Low Carbon

During the Transition to Low Carbon workshop for parish councillors in North Devon area, a discussion was started between parish councils about community energy. One parish councillor from Fremington spoke about his idea of re-establishing hydro power from a site on the river in his area. He wanted to know if there was any funding available to run feasibility studies.

There were people at the workshop who had knowledge of community funded hydro-power schemes who were able to share advice with him. Links to grant funding for feasibility studies were shared and the parish councillor has since progressed the project. He went from not knowing where to start to having the first steps of the feasibility study process mapped out.

Our advice

If you have a project idea, don't be afraid to ask questions to people who have already achieved similar projects. If you can't find anyone who has a achieved what you want to complete, be really clear on the outcome you want to achieve (i.e 100% of parish council energy demand generated by renewable sources) and talk to everyone you can about it. You never know who might be able to help you.

Our metrics

Feasibility study produced to understand the feasibility of producing hydro-electricity from an water mill in Fremington.
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