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The IoD provides businesses across the country with resources and advice to pursue successful sustainability and carbon-reduction initiatives.

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The Institute of Directors (IoD) was founded in 1903 and was soon awarded a Royal Charter. We continue to support, represent, and set standards for business leaders nationwide. We provide a range of resources for our members, including access to training, professional expertise, and business opportunities.

We believe that directors have a huge part to play in achieving net-zero targets through the way they employ people, the products they produce, and the supply chains they set up. We're all in this together. The IoD plays our part, supporting businesses and directors through sustainability-related events, news, educational content, and other initiatives. We have established an Expert Advisory Group on sustainability and participate in external campaigns, including the UN-backed Race to Zero.

We are on our own sustainability journey and have been certifying our carbon footprint with Planet Mark since 2019. We are committed to achieving net-zero by 2027 and influencing government policy in a way that facilitates a viable transition to net-zero by the business community.

There is a massive opportunity for businesses that seize the climate change moment. They'll connect with forward-thinking suppliers who are well qualified to provide them with the materials and services they need. They'll also grow their reputation and may ultimately sell more products and services.

Our advice

The advice that we would give to SMEs when they're thinking about how they're going to do this is to first understand what they're doing now. How are you measuring your climate impact? If you can quantify it, that's a great first step. Second, you need to build a realistic plan of how you can reduce it. And thirdly, you need to communicate it well. There are so many businesses out there who have great initiatives but are not communicating them effectively.

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