The Big Community Switch

The Big Community Switch! Save money on your energy usage.

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by Stockton Borough Council

The Big Community Switch holds events in towns and cities across the United Kingdom aiming to significantly reduce energy usage bills for residents.

Stockton Borough Council have lead this project since 2012 and on average save their residents around £200 per year on their energy tariffs. SBC promote this project through various communication methods, i.e. social media, radio as well as holding events at town halls, community groups and even on market stalls. "SBC are now the number 1 authority, out of the top ten switching authorities (where people are actively looking to switch their energy tariffs)" according to iChooser.

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Our advice

It is a simple, low cost way of helping residents secure a good value for money tariff on their energy usage. The saving they make on their energy costs helps towards their income maximisation.

The project has been ongoing since 2012, the amount of people involved has been ever growing, with huge savings been discovered for vast amounts of people in Stockton and the surrounding Boroughs.

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Average saving per customer on their gas and electricity bills.
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