The Artful Menders

The Artful Menders help to repair and repurpose textiles and clothing, in order to reduce waste.

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Our story

The Artful Menders was born out of a desire to build a more sustainable approach to fashion by repairing and re-purposing well loved garments, to give them a new lease of life and stop them being thrown away. They can alter, mend and up-cycle your clothing or turn pre-loved clothes into keepsakes like cushions or blankets - and teach people how to do it themselves too.

Founders and Menders Cathy Mizen and Emma Child have a shared ambition to reduce clothing being thrown into landfill and encouraging a change in the way we think about and shop for clothes. The workshops held in the new year to teach all manner of mending and making clothing for all ages and abilities.

They use many different techniques for mending, including visible darning and sashiko stitching. It's beautiful to add to the story of clothing and not always hide the mends or repairs.

Our advice

To just do... Peoples response has been so positive - it's all about trying and communicating and seeing where it takes you!
We are hoping to upload some videos of simple mends that people can try at home themselves before we can meet and have drop in sessions. The social media part is really important to get people engaged.

Our metrics

We are hoping to count up the amount of mends we do to be able to measure the clothing saved.
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