Sustainability at Hawksmoor

Hawksmoor have committed to becoming carbon neutral across the restaurant group in 2022, implementing a wide variety of measures from reducing food waste to cutting emissions from their supply chain.

Our story

Hawksmoor is committed to doing things the right way and building a restaurant company with integrity. One of the most impactful changes they have made is switching all of their sites to green energy. In addition, they champion regenerative, responsible agriculture that offsets and removes carbon from the atmosphere and support sustainable fishing practices. Hawksmoor has been awarded a maximum 3-star rating from the Sustainable Restaurant Association for the 12th year running.

Ellie Besley Gould who oversees sustainability at Hawksmoor says that one of the most challenging aspects of the process has been calculating their Scope 3 emissions:

“As a restaurant group, I think like in lots of industries, we have a lot of supply that comes in. And although we do it all through a procurement system, just collecting the data for each bit of what we're buying in has been a real headache. But we did a big training session with the whole team and got a group of people together who could work out how to do the things we needed.”

Despite the challenges they have faced, Hawksmoor hasn’t stopped accelerating its sustainability journey. In 2021, they put 100 of their managers through carbon-literacy training, and they have committed to becoming carbon neutral in 2022. They have also signed up to the United Nations-led ‘Race to Zero’ initiative, with the goal of becoming a net-zero company (a higher standard than carbon neutral) by 2030. Across the group, they are constantly identifying climate-positive changes – big and small – from reducing food waste to cutting emissions from their supply chain.

The Hawksmoor team explains that their approach to carbon reduction and sustainability is at the very heart of their ethos:

“We do it because we want to – it’s the kind of company we want to be and the kind of restaurants we want to run. We want a business we can be proud of – whether that’s making sure the food we serve is as good as possible, that the animals lived a decent life, or that everyone who works with us enjoys what they do.”

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Start collecting emissions data now to understand where you are today and to make future changes easier.

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Measuring reductions in carbon emissions.
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