South Yorkshire Energy Centre

SYEC encourages the local community in Sheffield to adopt energy efficiency and renewables in the home.

Our story

South Yorkshire Energy Centre is a project by Heeley City Farm. It's a not-for-profit with a focus on developing sustainable solutions for local homes. We run a number of projects:

Our volunteers offer free advice on implementing low-cost energy efficiency, renewables and sustainable transport solutions. The scheme, one of 60 partners in the city-wide referral system, was set up in response to the high levels of fuel poverty in Sheffield.

SYEC’s ‘Big Energy Saving Network’ project ran training for over 500 frontline staff on what we can do to help their service users reduce crippling fuel bills. Over 4 years, the centre advised 2500 people on their bills and saved vulnerable people over £13,000.

The ‘Warm and Well’ project was supported by Sheffield City Council, Yorkshire Housing Association and Sheffield Advice, delivering free efficient boilers, insulation and draft-proofing to those in need. The project identified 99 properties to receive instalments, saving each household around £200/year and reducing CO2 emission by 300km year.

The ‘Wiser and Warmer’ project trained volunteers to reach isolated neighbourhoods and promote peer-to-peer support. The SYEC provided advice on reducing costs through energy efficient measured to 245 households. This resulted in collective savings of over £11,000.

With the help of SYEC’s partner, Planet First Energy, the centre is able to continue its efforts. A recent focus on active transport has seen the organisation provide information on cycle routes and data on electrical vehicles. We run weekly ‘walks for wellbeing’ to encourage the community to get active and find sustainable ways of travelling.

by Andrew Pearse

Our advice

Heeley City Farm brought the traditionally rural – farming – to the city. The Energy Centre recognises those roots by reaching isolated communities with our energy advice and support. It's important to recognise the different needs of different communities so that we can tackle the climate and environmental crises together in the most effective ways.
Sometimes unlikely combinations can work really well! Who would expect a city farm to have an energy centre?!

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