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Reducing carbon with Derek McCallan from NILGA captured as part of the Zero Carbon Tour.

Our story

by Derek McCallan from the Northern Ireland Local Government Association - Zero Carbon Tour interview.

NILGA are delighted to be leading in coordination with other partners in this campaign on zero carbon leading up to COP26. With the bus behind me, I am thinking of all 11 councils – the message from us is that this is a global problem but we have to act locally. All 11 councils are doing tremendous work in terms of carbon reduction and heading towards zero carbon, however it is important that we have the leadership, the legislation and the resources in place so we can build the capacity and learning to get this done.

Two very good examples of this are Ards and North Down Council's training of 25 local businesses in the hospitality industry so they can take steps on carbon reduction in their everyday business, from procurement to supply; Newry, Mourne and Down Council, together with partners in Louth, has taken part in a peatland restoration project, courtesy of Interreg funding. They are setting precedents to apply these projects regionally across Northern Ireland.

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Our advice

Thinking locally and delivering locally, with the legislation that we desperately need, the resources that have to be committed and the training we want to put in place, will help us play our part in a global problem in Northern Ireland.

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Amount of carbon savings.
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