Nichola Mallon

Reducing carbon with Nichola Mallon from the Northern Ireland Executive captured as part of the Zero Carbon Tour.

Our story

by Nichola Mallon from the Northern Ireland Executive - Zero Carbon Tour interview

Since taking up my post, it has been clear that tackling the climate crisis is a top priority. We know that transport is the second-highest emitter when it comes to greenhouse gases, so it is critical that we are investing to deliver a cleaner and greener transport fleet.

We have invested £74 million to enable us to purchase 145 low and zero-emission buses; we have also significantly invested in improvements in our rail network, including improving customer experience and attracting people to use our rail network instead of using public transport.

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Image: Unsplash stock image, K Mitch Hodge

Our advice

Sometimes we think that the climate crisis is too big to tackle or that it is something that is happening to someone else – it is happening right now, and we all have a responsibility to adapt our behaviour. Choosing public transport or active travel is one way in which you can make a big difference in terms of tackling the climate emergency.

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