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Reducing carbon with William McCaughey from Mid & East Antrim Borough captured as part of the Zero Carbon Tour.

Our story

by William McCaughey from Mid and East Antrim Borough - Zero Carbon Tour interview

I am currently flanked by the new hydrogen bus built by Wright Bus in Ballymena – Wright Bus is at the forefront of this technology, and is currently selling it to the UK. We are hoping that this technology will develop even further, with the creation of more jobs at the plant in Ballymena.

As a council, we are currently supporting Wright Bus with the development of the centre in Ballymena, which will hopefully bring together companies and help them work together to develop this technology at their hydrogen hub. We are also developing a hydrogen academy, to which we hope to bring 180 engineers to drive forward this technology within our council area.

For the full story, please watch the video! Discover more here: www.zerocarbontour.com.

Our advice

Work collaboratively – bring together companies that will develop innovative technology and bring new ideas to the table.

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Amount of carbon savings.
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