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Reducing carbon emissions with Gina Dowding and Kevin Frea from Lancaster City Council captured as part of the Zero Carbon Tour.

Our story

by Cllr Gina Dowding and Kevin Frea from Lancaster City Council - Zero Carbon Tour interview

In Lancaster, the council has started to switch their vehicle fleet to Electric Vehicles (EVs). It has been identified that 62% of Lancaster City Council's carbon emissions for transport operations, originates from their refuse collection vehicles. Accordingly, they have secured two 100% electric refuse collection vehicles, and will be looking to charge these from their own solar panels.

The Council has also invested in a fleet of vans for the repair and maintenance service. Working with 'Charge My Fleet' the Council has identified the best locations for EV charging points for staff, which are available to members of the public when not in use. Investment in pool cars have also cut down on costs and carbon emissions from council staff travel, with the vehicles also available through a community car club.

Lancaster City Council declared a climate emergency in 2019 and have made a target to reach net zero by 2030, for both the council as an organisation and the whole district. The biggest source of carbon emissions was found to be the leisure centre. To start reducing these emissions, the council secured close to £7 million from the government to install solar panels and heat pumps.

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Our advice

Switch to EV vehicles where possible.

Work out the biggest sources of carbon emissions in your organisation and act on this to help save the planet.

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Number of electric vehicles in the council fleet.
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