Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership

Reducing carbon emissions with Helen Pollock from Hertfordshire LEP, captured as part of the Zero Carbon Tour.

Our story

by Helen Pollock from Hertfordshire LEP - Zero Carbon Tour interview

At Hertfordshire LEP, they help support businesses to change and transform, to meet net zero challenges and other sustainability goals. Hertfordshire LEP run the Hertfordshire Growth Hub, which is a support organisation with lots of sign posting, advice and financial guidance for businesses and organisations within Hertfordshire.

For the full story, please watch the video! Discover more here: www.zerocarbontour.com.

Our advice

Take some easy steps first. It is a long journey so start small and we can make a huge impact together.

Our metrics

Community engagement.
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University of Hertfordshire Enterprise Hub. Credit: Hertfordshire LEP.
Planet Mark Zero Carbon Tour.