Ground Delivery

Reducing plastic and food waste by delivering zero waste groceries.

10 t
Est. annual reduction in carbon
emissions (tonnes CO2 eq)

Est. number of people
who benefit directly

Our story

The Ground story begins with the milkround. When our founders were searching for more eco-friendly ways of shopping they were inspired by the idea of reusable glass containers that could be collected and reused. Not only would this reduce plastic waste but would also prevent food waste as our airtight containers keep food fresh for longer.

Although recycling is important, it won’t be enough to prevent landfills from overflowing.

Every year 2.2 million tonnes of plastic packaging is used in the UK. Every order from Ground helps to reduce this number and prevent valuable resources from going to waste.

Using Ground also reduces food waste. The UK alone creates 6.6 million tonnes of household food waste every year.

What have you learnt that others will find most useful?

  • Reducing plastic is simple and easy when you have the right tools.
  • Packaging from supermarkets is damaging to the environment and doesn't keep food fresh.
  • Social media is an amazing tool for spreading the word about climate change.

Measures of success?

Every jar we deliver and collect is a piece of plastic that's not going to landfill. We consider every order to be a success and we hope we can make a difference to the Reading area.

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