Filtered Neighbourhood

Levy’s mini Holland scheme is part of an even bigger vision which sets out 1,800 miles of walking and cycling routes across the Manchester city region, intersected by 25 of these filtered neighbourhoods.

Filtered Neighbourhood's story

Work has begun on Manchester’s first filtered neighbourhood in Levenshulme, illustrated by how Chorlton’s Four Banks could look like with the new cycling plan. Levy’s project aims to create calmer and more sociable streets: an environment where children and residents can walk or cycle within a 10-minute radius of the suburb’s centre.

The scheme seeks to improve crossings, create walk to school initiatives, play streets and secure cycle parking facilities. The idea originated in the community, and other local groups have become involved to make the area an age-friendly community and a safer place for youngsters.

Image: CC Stock Photo

Useful learnings from Filtered Neighbourhood

Creates a noticeably more active neighbourhood within around a 10-minute walk radius.
Safer active journeys to and from school is a compelling benefit.
Use data on local air pollution and its reduction, as this impact benefits directly everyone who lives and works in the area.
Reduces car use for short trips and encourages more sustainable and active travel like walking and cycling.

Filtered Neighbourhood's metrics

Improved flow of traffic
Safer streets for pedestrians and cyclists
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