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Eco Dog Designs specialises in quality British handcrafted dog apparel.

Paula and Bailey from Eco Dog Designs.
Dog apparel.

Our story

By Paula Jardine, Founder of The Eco Dog Design Company

The Eco Dog Design Company specialises in quality British handcrafted dog apparel. I personally make all of our products at my working studio in Dunston, Gateshead.

As part of our ethos when building the business, I wanted to ensure we could have more of an awareness of the environment. This is at the heart of our core values ensuring we are doing as much as possible towards the race to Net Zero.

We use local and national suppliers to reduce our carbon footprint; all of our packaging and marketing materials are made from recycled materials; and we also run a Return, Recycle and Renew scheme, whereby we can upcycle all of the hardware used in the production of our products.

We have a strong eco ethos - we use 98% of UK suppliers for our components. We are proud to say that all of our products are British handcrafted, made within the UK.

To ensure we are a carbon neutral business, which we have pledged through the government scheme SME Climate Hub, we are part of Ecologi, and plant trees to offset our carbon footprint (so far we have 157 trees in our forest).

We are always striving to improve our approach in our eco credentials. It is good to know we are doing our bit towards Net Zero which has a positive impact on people, the planet and our profits.

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Our advice

The advice I would give is start small. Any small aspect you can do to make a positive change can only be a good thing, from reducing your waste, recycling or even planting.

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