COV Zero

A virtual hub to promote local, independent and sustainable living to residents of Coventry.

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My name is Matteo, and I started COV Zero as a little side project, with the aim of creating a virtual hub to promote local, independent and sustainability-focused businesses, organisations, events and lifestyle in Coventry.

Coventry has changed massively over the last few years and is on the path to becoming a city of culture in 2021. We believe there is lot more to explore beneath the surface and we are passionate about sharing it with the local community and visitors to the city.

We firmly believe that local and independent businesses are a catalyst for sustainable lifestyle choices and as consumers we can all have a positive impact in the way that our cities and environment change.

Our advice

Sustainability is now a communication challenge rather than a technological or scientific one. People feel disconnected from the overall climate change narrative, as it becomes negative, catastrophic and distant in time and space.

We promote a change in narrative that focuses on the day-to-day benefits of a local and sustainable lifestyle, starting in our own community and city, which helps people discover so many local amazing services that they didn't know about before, and that are just based on a sustainable business model.

We have had a great response from people in Coventry, and they are amazed to know how much is happening in our city that means they can help the environment without even realising it!

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