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Count Us In's Story

Carbon Copy's View: Count Us In was created by a group of organisations wanting to start a global community taking high-impact steps to address climate change. It is supported by over 100 organisations, such as: UNEP, Ted, IKEA and WWF. Count Us In is aiming to build the largest and most ambitious citizen-led effort to avert the impacts of climate change. For example, on their website, individuals and organisations can pledge different actions and steps they will take to address climate change and visually see the impact of their own work. Read on for Count Us In's Story.

Through employee engagement, we are challenging organisations to be more sustainable and take climate action. It recognises that people need to live more sustainably at home, to change as a planet, to reduce carbon emissions and become net zero.

Useful Learnings from Count Us In

Start in a place that is right for you. This might be to take a series of small actions and planning ahead or could be one big action. Get started on your sustainability journey now.

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