Reducing carbon emissions with Clare Hayward from Cirrus captured as part of the Zero Carbon Tour.

Our story

by, Clare Hayward from Cirrus - Zero Carbon Tour Interview

Cirrus are looking to identify some of the most important carbon emitters in the region. We are working in collaboration with them to make sure they are using digital technologies, engaging with people locally and upskilling them.

We are also lobbying for, and raising the profile of, some of the local projects that we need to secure funding for.

Our work covers leadership and team development in all its forms, and we have integrated sustainability into how we address more general business improvement. There is a huge crossover in sustainability and good business practice: being greener can benefit productivity, profit margins and overall success for local businesses.

One key element is collaboration. Often a business' relationships with stakeholders can be made stronger and more efficient, and this can reduce carbon use. For example, if a local shop has a strong, collaborative relationship with their supplier, they can work together to make delivery journeys and times more efficient and reduce the time that delivery vehicles are on the road.

We are starting to see businesses taking this a step further, and integrating sustainable transport such as cargo bikes at the final point of delivery, which again benefits hugely from tight stakeholder relationships and collaboration.

There are many examples of collaboration that can be improved and made stronger to benefit sustainability. We help businesses to find these, and to be the best and most sustainable they can be, by providing advice and resources tailored to their needs.

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Our advice

Understand where you are right now and were your most carbon emitting activites are and disect that to see how you can reduce it.

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