Business Breakfast

Belfast City Council Business Breakfast is creating a circular economy in waste.

Business Breakfast - waste and the circular economy.

Our story

by Belfast City Council

A business breakfast was organised to allow discussion around circular economy in the waste industry. We wanted business to engage and understand the importance of a circular economy business model. To look deeply at business practices, understand their impact on our environment and look at what opportunities are out there to improve things for their business, their city and indeed the world we all live in.

We invited the following speakers: Cllr Aine Groogan (Chair of Strategic Policy and Resources Committee) on the importance of following a circular model approach; Cathy Mathews - Director of Fleet & Resources at Belfast City Council; Tim Walker - CEO Arc 21; Keith Patterson - Sector Specialist, Waste & Recycling at WRAP.

The event was successful with high attendance, plenty of networking and engagement around the subject.

Our advice

Having worked in this industry for a long time, as a team, we knew exactly the sort of one off event that can grab people's attention. The business breakfast is always popular as it is short, sharp and to the point. An event like this is not overbearing and people can easily fit this into their working day.

We asked three main speakers to attend to allow for a broad spectrum within the industry. As we are a local authority, we invited two councillors to open and close the event and participate in the Q&A. Our previous contacts made finding speakers relatively easy as we are all passionate about the topic and want to get the message out.

Preparing the speakers beforehand was beneficial, it stopped any overlaps in information and allowed each speaker to focus on certain topics. Using a hotel was also an advantage as this allowed one place to provide the function room and breakfast, rather than having to complicate things with outside catering.

We would have like some more private businesses in attendance.

We'd like to highlight actual case studies of what is happening right now in the local circular economy as example of good practical practice.

Our metrics

Number of people in attendance for the one-hour session (27).
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