Bovalley Community Association

Bovalley Community Association & SSE Renewables are helping vulnerable people during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Volunteers delivering care packs.

Our story

Bovalley Community Association were awarded £4,000 in April 2020 by the Slieve Kirk Community Fund.

Bovalley Community Association recognised that their local community was going to be impacted by the
pandemic restrictions. They were concerned about their elderly and vulnerable residents and quickly mobilised a network of volunteers to provide support.

The Association gained emergency funding from SSE Renewables to enable the volunteers to deliver
care packages, food packages and activity packs to 300 local residents who were vulnerable and self isolating. The funding supported the group’s activities throughout the pandemic and they were able to distribute 150 food packages and 153 care packages in the Bovalley Area of Limavady.

“Most of our residents are elderly and live alone so to receive these care packages meant so much more than just food and supplies, it represented a community willing to support each other during difficult and challenging time. For this, we are all so grateful to SSE Renewables.” Janice McClay Chairperson, Bovalley
Community Association.

Our advice

The programme had to start quickly due to the nature of the pandemic and the volunteers had to undertake a huge task of identifying who in the community needed support.

Things that went well included: the ability to get emergency funding from SSE Renewables very quickly; the speed and ease of the funding meant the service could be delivered right from the start of the pandemic; volunteers - this service would not have worked without the dedication of the volunteers who provided support throughout the pandemic. They were fantastic.

Other communities should consider having a register of vulnerable people and a stock of PPE.

Our metrics

Number of people supported during the pandemic.
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