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With increasing recognition of the climate emergency, Town and Parish Councils in northern Devon are keen to help their communities understand how they can take action. A local not-for-profit social enterprise, 361 Energy, and the District Councils developed a one day workshop that supports Councillors to understand what carbon reduction means in their area and highlights existing good practice and projects.

Themes covered include: carbon footprints, neighbourhood planning, nature, working with businesses, energy efficiency, community energy, transport and tourism. Attendees were provided with a booklet of resources to enable them to reduce carbon emissions and deliver co-benefits in their Towns and Parishes. The workshops are the first step in a programme of ongoing support that will be provided by the Councils, 361 Energy and other partners such as the North Devon Biosphere Reserve.

Our advice

It's easy for people to feel that climate change is too big an issue for them to tackle, and that you need specialist expertise to work with your communities. There are lots of simple things that can be done, and it's inspiring to find out how much Town and Parish Councils are already doing. Building support networks and empowering individuals to work together to take action across many areas is critical to addressing the climate emergency in northern Devon.

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