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About Carbon Copy

Yes. Carbon Copy is the working name of Carbon Copy Network, a charity registered in England and Wales (1187420).
Carbon Copy is currently run by its founding trustees and Communications Manager, working alongside technical and communications agency partners. Meet the team.
85% of people in the UK are currently worried about climate change, 73% say that Britain is already feeling its effects, and 67% of local councils across the country have declared a climate emergency. Constructive engagement between community groups, councils and companies is critical to implementing ambitious climate emergency action plans locally, although there are very few commons where local leaders from these different and diverse organisations can convene. The Covid-19 crisis has moved meetings and conversations online and the future is likely to include a mix of in person and online communication.
There is an immediate need to create more jobs locally; to empower local government with more resources and funding to get the job done; and to become more inclusive and resilient by building back better. This can be achieved by addressing directly the environment and climate crisis, not in spite of it. However, the opportunity for a green recovery in the UK post-Covid is a fragile one. The more we can do to tip the balance and build momentum – by highlighting local leadership and successful low-carbon initiatives – the better.
The climate crisis exacerbates injustice, racism and poverty. We want all communities to take practical local climate action to alleviate these inequalities. As we seek out local leaders, speakers and initiatives, we are striving to ensure that the stories and lessons from different and diverse communities are heard. We all have so much to learn from each other and welcome your feedback or suggestions.
We provide a hub and safe space for different community groups, local councils and companies to convene and openly share what’s working. People are encouraged to share their low-carbon projects so that practical solutions can be more readily copied or adapted.
The launch of Carbon Copy was funded by a founding donation from a Charities Aid Foundation Charitable Trust.  All proceeds from the book Civic Revolution: A Citizen's Guide are also donated to Carbon Copy. We will seek further donations from users and grant funding as Carbon Copy grows.
These solution areas are simply a way of organising people’s initiatives, inspired by existing frameworks and current thinking on climate mitigation and adaptation.
These problem areas have been drawn from research on the biggest environmental concerns in the UK.
No. Our focus is on showcasing climate action initiatives that have been implemented locally, to encourage faster learning, more collaboration and build momentum. It is not our intention to put public or political pressure on specific groups to act faster.
No. Carbon Copy is apolitical. We need engagement and leadership by government at all levels and by political parties of all colours.
The climate crisis disproportionately affects the marginalised, the vulnerable and the poor within our society – exacerbating injustice, racism and poverty. Climate change is unfair. Our response must not be. We all need to stand up for this.
Action at the sub-national level is critical to the systemic change we need, and necessarily involves all of us where we live. Uniquely, the UK is the first country where over 50% of local councils have declared a climate emergency – a declaration that aligns with countless more community groups taking local environment and climate action as well as with thousands of purpose-led companies. Together, we can make it happen.

About our members

A Local Climate Action Plan with a shared net-zero carbon emissions target requires collaboration between different organisations. A coalition of likeminded people in community groups, local government and companies is needed to achieve meaningful change.
Our focus is not on individual lifestyle changes, although this is the crucial first step. Instead we are looking to build the momentum behind collective action where people live. Individuals can have an even greater impact by involving more people and through community-led effort.

Join us

No. As a visitor you can see all the low-carbon initiatives that Carbon Copy members have shared and see discussions in full related to any one of these initiatives. You only have to become a member if you want to contribute.
As a ‘fly on the wall’ you cannot showcase your own climate action work or share your learning and insights with others.
Our hub is moderated to make it a safe space for everyone. To help with this, people are asked to join us and login to take part. Members who do not follow our Code of Conduct are removed so that the experience for everyone else is better and more constructive.
You can share the initiatives you are working on and join in the discussions, reaching a broader audience and gaining new insights. You can also customise the entire online hub based on the solution areas of interest and the challenges you wish to address.
Carbon Copy is a free service. There are no hidden charges or fees. Once we are well-established, we will welcome donations, but these will always be entirely voluntary.
Click Join us and complete a simple online registration form, indicating your areas of interest. These personal preferences can be updated at any time and help us to customise the content.
You can close your personal account on Carbon Copy at any time by going to your Account page. When you close your account, all your personal data will be deleted in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

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It is helpful for people to see where different kinds of local climate action are taking place. We identify areas based on existing local authority boundaries to align with council jurisdictions.
It can be useful for you to see what other people from a similar group or type of organisation have to say, as they are dealing with similar internal challenges and opportunities in taking collective action.
It is useful to select any climate action solution areas relevant to you, or highlight any specific climate change issues, so that the online hub can be customised to your personal interests or concerns. This customisation will avoid information overload as the Carbon Copy network grows.

Share your initiative

An initiative may be a project, policy, enterprise or toolkit. It may be in pilot stage or fully implemented – but is more than a plan on paper. An initiative may be short-lived or long-lasting and either be live or recent enough to be relevant. Big or small, it is a local climate action that addresses the environment and climate emergency directly.
By sharing your initiative with a different and diverse network of people taking climate action locally, you could reach a broader audience, bring more people along with you and gain new insights. At the same time, you would help inspire others to do the same and build the momentum behind climate action.
No additional work is needed, beyond completing a simple one-page online form about your initiative. You can contribute as little or as much as you like to discussion about your own or others’ initiatives.
An initiative should relate to one of six broad solution areas: renewable energy, buildings and the built environment, the circular economy, transport, nature and land use. Please click here for more info.
The themes are interconnected, so go ahead and identify more than one solution area if relevant.
These solution areas are simply a way of organising people’s initiatives, inspired by existing frameworks and current thinking on climate mitigation and adaptation.
You complete a simple one-page form online about your initiative and submit it for review by Carbon Copy. If you need any help or advice on this, just email us at [email protected]
We read through the project for any obvious errors but rely on the author’s honesty on the details, as agreed in our Code of Conduct. We look for initiatives that can be copied and where the low-carbon benefit is predominantly local to the area.
We would not publish a project that is greenwash, causes potential collateral harm, or is socially exclusive.
As soon as we have reviewed the submitted initiative and it’s OK, we publish it on the hub.
Yes, simply login and go to your Account page in the top righthand corner.
Yes. We plan to share initiatives via our weekly newsletter, and on our social media pages. We cannot guarantee your initiative will be shared but we are hoping to feature as many initiatives as possible over the coming weeks and months.
You can submit as many initiatives as you like. Please complete a separate online form for each one!

Join the discussion

Please contact us at [email protected] if you would like to write a blog post. We would like to hear from different voices and collaborate.
Yes. Carbon Copy hosts event series from time to time. Please let us know if you would like to be a guest speaker by contacting us at [email protected] or listen to previous roundtable discussions about taking collective climate action where you live.
Yes. Discussion topics are intentionally linked to specific initiatives to keep the focus on practical solutions and on what’s working or not working.
As a member, you can start or join an existing discussion about any of the initiatives by visiting the respective initiative page.
Our hub is moderated to make it a safe space for everyone. To help with this, people are asked to join us and login to take part. Members who do not follow our Code of Conduct are removed so that the experience for everyone else is better and more constructive.
No. It is an open network so a visitor can see any discussion but cannot join in.
There is nothing to stop you from connecting outside of the Carbon Copy network if you wish to have a one-to-one conversation.