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Continuing to distribute fresh fruit and veg during school closures

The Edible Garden has adapted to the pandemic by sharing the schools produce starting last summer holiday. We set up a stall in the school carpark and invited all allotment keepers to bring along their glut. This was then publicised in flyers and posters around the town ; a pop up 'Free Fresh fruit and veg' stall was started. It became very popular and when the children returned in September, the surplus not used in school, was taken to another site on a church car park. It has now gone from strength to strength and several partners found from the 'Covid community support group, Local Food group and the local Community Fridge. The question that worries me is that in winter (the hungry gap)the produce given away is mostly 'surplus' from supermarkets. This includes ultra processed foods! What is the ethical view on food poverty here?


Sarah Wilberforce
I have had excellent advice from Fiona Bell of Crop Drop, especially on how to care for the volunteers drivers

Sarah Wilberforce, Dorset, Local Community

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