Get to know... Sharon Lashley

by Carbon Copy

Carbon Copy Communications Manager Isabelle Sparrow speaks to Sharon Lashley, an environmentalist specialising in renewable energy and waste management, and Managing Director of Climate Action North, a social enterprise set up to take direct action in the climate emergency.

Working with businesses, communities, schools and individuals, Climate Action North delivers a range of projects around taking direct action for climate change, biodiversity and nature including Pollinator Parks, One Small Change and more recently Global Wilders.

The Pollinator Parks initiative aims to address the decline in bee, butterfly and bird numbers, by transforming outdoor areas on retail and business parks into ecological oases to help them to thrive and flourish. For this episode of our "Get to know" series (originally recorded on Instagram Live), Sharon joined us live from the field during a day planting at a retail park.

"Everybody on this retail park will see this garden, and will see that this organisation has made an effort to help pollinators."

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